Sienna-X Spray Tanning

Sienna X is an award winning brand with a range of 6 colours to suit each skin type. Tan will last between 4 – 10days depending on skin prep, your skin and daily lifestyle. Please read the before tanning section below as this will give you the best, even and perfect tan.

Full Body (30min) – £25
Half Body (20min) – £15
Continual Offer :
£15 full body tan within 7 days with a full price tan.
Very popular, enable an affordable weekly tan.
Weekly tanners deal available.

‘Tonights the Night’ Spray Tan

Left it too late for a full overnight developing tan? This tan is spray on and washed off between 2-6 hours (depending on colour depth). Ideal for last minute or emergency tanning. Please ask for more details.


  • The night before your tan exfoliate all over, then moisturise, paying special attention to elbows, knees, ankles and any other dry problem areas (Tops of feet- if you have or work with small children there may be a patch on the top of the feet)
  • Exfoliate again on the day of your tan but DONT apply any moisturiser on the day. It will act as a semi barrier.
  • Paint Nails and toes, this will act as a second protection from staining the nails.
  • Wax or shave 24hrs prior to tanning, this will allow time for the pores to close. dotting in the pores may appear if not adhered to.
  • DO NOT use moisturiser or skin lotion on the day of your tan
  • Remove face Make Up (eye make up can be left on) deodorant, lotions and jewellery before your tan.
  • We will provide paper thongs or you can wear your own. Men to wear briefs or small boxer shorts for minimal tan lines.
  • Bring/wear looose dark clothing for after your tan. Any tight clothing or undewear may cause wear marks. Maxi dresses are great!
  • Flip Flops or loose fitting shoes


  • DO NOT shower, bathe or get your tan wet for at least 8-12 hours (the development period) Any wetness on the skin during this period will remove it! This includes washing hands and being caught in the rain.
  • No excercise or swimming in the development period
  • Try not to touch your skin in the development time, after your tan the therapist will show you that your hands are clear of solution. Any marks on your hands after this will be due to you touching the developing tan. Nothing will remove this after development!
  • Sleep on an old towel/dark bedding.
  • You will go darker through the development period as you have guide colour, with the tan developing underneath. This is normal!
  • Wash it off gently in the shower until the water runs clear. Do not scrub or use anything citrus as this will push the tan off.
  • After bathing /showering pat dry only.
  • Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!! Morning and night. moisturiser will brighten the tan, use Siennas extend and perfect gradual tan, its a tan top up with 4% DHA so your tan will be continually topped up and extended. Wash hands after.
  • after day 5 or so as your tan will wear off gently and just let it come off naturally. If you go slightly patchy then lightly exfoliate the darker areas. For a more abrasive removal use exfoliateing gloves with your scrub.
  • long exposure to water and sweating from excercise will fade your tan. Usually quite venly during swimming.
  • any questions call the salon 01332 863811

MORE DETAILS: We are fully qualified Sienna X Spray Tanning Therapists. Sienna X is a fairly new product on the market with the best reviews around. It has steadily become the market leader. We enjoy a very regular weekly client base through the regularity of the quality of the Sienna X products. Sienna has created real excitement in the media and the range has now become a firm favourite with many top journalists and TV shows…

  • Gok Wan on ‘How to look good naked’
  • Strictly Come Dancing
  • Gladiators
  • Here Come The Boys
  • Scott Mills Show on Radio 1
  • Harrods
  • More! Magazine
  • Cosmopolitan Bride
  • Woman Magazine
  • Look Magazine
  • Woman’s Own Magazine
  • Marie & Magazine
  • Plus many more. Watch this space!

 A MESSAGE FROM SIENNA X… ‘Your sun tan is probably your most important beauty accessory, making you look and feel fantastic, whatever the weather, whatever you wear. So it makes sense to choose the leading spray tan – Sienna X – giving you a gorgeous bronzed look that will look stunning with every outfit! And remember – your Sienna X spray tan means you don’t damage your skin with the aging effects of the sun. So look gorgeous for longer – with Sienna X. ” There are 5 colours available. All colours are the same price. They only vary on DHA (colour of the actual fake tan). Our fully trained therapist will advise you on which one will best suit your skin to give the best looking tan. Don’t just take our word for it! Read our customer comments!

  • 6% – Xtra, Xtra light, for those who want a simple glow. Ideal for pale skins.
  • 8% – Xtra Light, for those that want a very natural tan Ideal for very pale skins
  • 8.5% – Light, for those that want quite a sunkissed look
  • 10% – Medium,for those that want a sun filled holiday look
  • 12.5% – Dark, for those that want the deepest darkest, bronzed look.

Spray Tan Parties

Sienna X is now available in your own home or in a closed salon environment. Ideal for hen parties and weddings, girls holidays, girly get togethers or just for a special night out. Its still £25 each for a minimum of 5 people including the host. Some people prefer to split the cost 5 ways so its £20 each or the Host gets theirs FREE! A non refundable deposit of £5 per person is requested on booking. Please call us for more information and bookings on 01332 863811.